Monday, January 5, 2009

New Slide Show

Not my regular blog post today but I won't leave you empty handed either........... If you look over to the left hand column, you will notice a new Slide Show..........

All of these photos were shot on Christmas morning, New Year's Eve and Saturday. We took a little family adventure over to the other side of the Island between Palermo and Trapani. Our main point of interest was Segesta!!! The site is home to "The Doric Temple". This majestic structure sits in a silent hilly plain and dates back to the end of the 5th century B.C. (possibly around 430-420 B.C.)

Within this same panoramic valley and hill top was an entire Archaeological Park consisting of the Temple, a near perfect Amphitheater, A Castle, Public Buildings, a Town Wall, Ancient roads, the Sanctuary of Contrada Mango, houses and so much more all dating back to B.C. eras....... FANTASTIC........ One of the photos taken from the Theater boasts a panoramic view of the Gulf of Castellammare and Mount Inici........ Archeologists believe these works to be characteristic of Grecian architecture..........

I hope that you enjoy meeting my wonderful family and a peek into where we currently choose to call home. Thank you for stopping by.

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