Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I didn't forget how to COLOR!!

It has been close to a year since I last picked up a Copic Marker and I am so excited to see that I have not forgotten how
I created this fun card for my nephew who was turning 24.  Wonder if he ever received it?  I haven't heard. Not sure if I am more concerned about my creation sitting in some corner of the postal system or the check that was inside!!

Closer look at my shading and stitches.  
I just adore sewing on cards, don't you?? 
After I cut out my colored image I gave it dimension with foam squares.  The Birthday sign was actually stamped a second time then I cut out just the part with the message and popped it up with additional foam squares.  
The stamp is made by Whimsy and that dog's front feet are cracking me up!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Got Wine Corks??

I Do

So what do you do with a jillion wine corks?  Filling a beautiful Koa Wood bowl was pretty cool, that is until Alfreddo (my chihuahua fur baby) discovered how fun they are to DESTROY!! 
For Shame!!

These are precious right? I mean every single bottle has a memory: who I indulged with, where I purchased the bottle, was it expensive, was it a signed bottle?  
Sounds dreamy, 
Oh who am I kidding, 
I don't really have any attachment other than my own tendency to HOARD such items in the hopes of figuring out how I can put them to good use.

Same goes for this Frame that I had been hanging on to.  In it's previous life it was a dark wood frame designed by Kincaid to hold his yearly frame.  Can you say SPRAY PAINT?? WOO HOO gets me excited just thinking about what I shall paint next.

Don't think for even one second this puzzle didn't take HOURS!!
Thank God for Adderall when it comes to sitting for hours at a time configuring wine corks into a magnificent array of patterns based on size and what fits where.  
 Did I know this little tidbit starting out, umm NO so now I just sit and wait for the next one to pop out of its place so I can stash it for several months before I get the super industrious idea to walk a few feet out into the garage and locate my husbands 

Antique Buttons meet plain thumb tacks but be warned they are pretty much just for looks since they too fall apart when used

here is the Finished Product of  finding a use for my ever growing collection of 
Wine Corks
Thank you 
for the Inspiration



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thank You

I know I've said this numerous times but seriously taking something "ordinary" and wrapping it up pretty makes a simple gift seem so much more SPECIAL,

Attention to details:
Glitter cardstock that I cut down, punched a round hole and scored so that it would slide over and hang from the neck of the wine bottle.  I stamped the little chef, added some shadowing with a Copic Marker and gave him striped pants by drawing crisscross lines.  The food on his tray was colored with Copic Markers, cut out and I used foam squares to make them 3-dimensional.
Oh and that RIBBON
I hope she kept it, we all know

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Proud parents of a University of Hawaii Graduate

University of Hawaii
class of
(better late than never, right??)

The card and gift box that I created 
I thought it very clever to have crossed out the "first" on the spine of the box thinking it was actually her LAST day of school.  Silly mom, should have known this girl wouldn't stop with a bachelors.  Her older sister just graduated with her Masters of Social Work.
They totally take after their grandma (my mom)
 and not ME

The gift box started out as a simple, plain piece of green cardstock.  First I stamped the graduation hat then sliced, diced and glued it into a box that opens and closes from the top.  I was so tickled to finally have a very special reason to actually USE the little 3-dimensional cap and gown that I had probably hoarded for years!!!  The little diploma was just a scrap of paper that I tied using embroidery floss.

Loved creating this card with a Gift Card Pocket on the Front by
 sewing a zigzag stitch around the border.

For the Key, I painted it white, inked the edges to give it an antique look then painted it again with glue and sprinkled on a fine white glitter.  
I dyed the seam binding in tea to give it an antique appearance.  
The button is one that I had purchased in Sicily and hoard for "special occasions"

What an absolute TREAT to have your child turn around in front of thousands of people and raise her Diploma in the air as a way of saying 
Thank You Mom & Dad

Walking back to her seat are in arm with one of her best friends
 (Kia London)

I am one very proud Mommy

Monday, February 3, 2014


Seriously !!!!
I am actually at a loss for words, at a loss as to where to begin and just plain old LOST here on my own blog!  It has been so long since my last post that I cannot remember how to post.  Apparently the three years of living in the United States hindered my ability to blog, fortunately, it did not completely hinder my ability to create.  I have discovered while searching through photos that I actually had many avenues for my creativity, Far beyond cards. Perhaps photos will help me share my journey until I find my blogging fingers?

I discovered a passion for creating cupcakes

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Attention to Details

The presentation of a gift can take something as simple and boring as bath towels and make them EXCITING!   I absolutely adore having a reason to give gifts which means I also have a reason to CREATE.  I probably put as much effort or thought into my packaging as I do the actual gift. I wonder if this love for packaging stems from my love of storage containers. Anyone else have a love for "Glass Jars"? Is there such a thing as too many? I think not!

This year in addition to our middle daughter's graduation from the University of Hawaii, we also received numerous high school Graduation announcements, thus creative AND thrifty were a must.  The gift above contains two bath towels that I simply stitched red rik rak across the bottom.  Fast, Easy, Inexpensive and Super Cute. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Generic Friend Card 

Doesn't it sometimes feel as though you have a jillion pre-made cards filed away but never end up having one that isn't specific to a particular occasion??  ie: Birthday, Anniversary, Loss, Valentine, Christmas, etc.  Hoarding these cards has been a bit of an issue for me over the years,  but I have FINALLY started tapping into the vast selection of cards that I have neatly filed away.  Therefore, I think I am going to try and focus on creating more "generic" cards.  We shall see.

The card above was inspired by the following card that I found on Pinterest

I absolutely love her polka dot paper and adore that sweet little heart tag.  I have visited the owner's blog and was very impressed with her work. She has a clean style and I hope she doesn't mind being my inspiration. Here is the link to her blog if you would like to venture over and take a peek for yourself.
 (FYI, it is German and since I can't read German, I have not found a button on her page to translate)