Thursday, November 27, 2008

Love is in the air

I sure Hope I am not the only one who has just stuffed themselves silly.  I feel like a stuffed turkey.  What a wonderful day.  Thanksgiving has always been a very sentimental and special holiday for me.  As a child, my entire family would get together.  I don't necessarily remember us saying all of the things we were thankful for but coming from such a large family and having EVERYONE in one place was so much fun.  Dave's family also does the same so imagine our surprise the first time we spent Thanksgiving away from home.  I had cooked all day, even made a relish tray, THEN we sat down and the TEARS started pouring when I realized that it was JUST US.............  

After that lonely experience, I make sure that we surround ourselves with our surrogate family (aka FRIENDS).  Today we combined our meal with that of several other families and all of the single/unaccompanied sailors that we knew.  I believe there were around 27 total. We had 2 hams, 2 turkeys, 12 pies, 3 different stuffings, relish trays, and the list goes on and on.   My son talks all year about his 2 favorite meals, Thanksgiving and Christmas so I hope he grows up with happy memories of not just the blessings of family but also the blessings of having close friends.  I am so thankful to have a day set aside to remind us of all the blessings that we have and the opportunity to let those that we love know how special they are.  I will share one of my little secrets.  Each night I fall asleep going through a list of things that I am thankful for.  I never run out of things to list, nor do I have to search or think of things and I never actually finish my list before falling asleep.......:o)

This brings me to today's card.  My friend/colleague asked me to create an amazing Anniversary card for his wife.  I was honored to be entrusted with such a special project.  It took me a full 24 hours to really get an inspiring design to come together in my head.  I sat down a couple of times and ended up with Christmas cards.  However, once I finally started getting ideas, this card just poured out of me and came together easily. His wife is the elementary music teacher and I believe the heart with the music paper is my favorite part of the entire card.  I created the heart templates using the computer which I then used as templates to cut out the heart chipboard.  I held the script paper over a candle and burned the edges to give it a more vintage/antique look.  The pewter "LOVE" script was originally a wine bottle charm. I removed the little chain and hooks.  The inside was lined with a cream cotton paper that I had printed "Happy Anniversary Sweetheart" using a fancy font and Swirly Flourishes under the sentiment. The finished card measures 6"x6".  Bet you can figure out that I had a dilemma when it came to the envelope.  

I am a firm believe that presentation is everything. PaperTrey Ink ships their stamp sets in wonderful clear boxes that could easily be discarded since the stamps are actually stored in CD cases. YEA Right........ I don't throw anything out that can be altered. The card fit perfectly into the box so I covered it with a coordinating velvet, striped paper, wrapped it with a wide cross grain ribbon.  I also tied a bit of black tulle around the bow for a little more appeal.  I used a scalloped circle punch for the closure.  I stamped it and adhered it with Velcro.  

I may just have to make another one of these cards to keep.  It would look amazing framed in a shadow box!!!!  

Happy Anniversary Tony and Lynn...........................

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Laura said...

What a wonderful anniversary card. It's absolutely fantastic how you used the music element for her. Really well done. You have to tell me what she thinks of the card:)