Monday, November 24, 2008

My husband came home - BROKEN!

Remember me telling you that my husband was gone again? He was at advanced Free Fall school..  Friday evening my phone rings, which is strange since I never receive phone calls (((SHHHHH some folks don't realize that the phones and airplanes go both directions))))))))  First thing my husband asks is whether or not the command has contacted me!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIKESSSSSS, that can only mean one thing - He is hurt!!!  Yes he was hurt and yes he was in the hospital. Apparently the wind picked up unexpectedly as he jumped out of the aircraft at 25,000 feet, the wind proceeded to carry him into a populated area.  It was obvious that he was going to miss the drop zone so he had a few seconds to determine where he "Could Land"....... The top of a building appeared to be a pretty good choice.  Flying through the air at 30 mph, he missed the roof by 2 feet and slammed into the side of the building (Cartoon Style)....... 

He arrived home with a broken leg and a concussion.......... BTW, he passed the course ;o) He will probably kill me for adding this lovely photo of him.  I wish I had gotten a bit closer to that gash and mellon sticking out of his head.

My chihuahua, Kujo LOVES bags.  We literally have to hide "his bags" (you know Paris Hilton style. He loves to ride around in purses, so much so that he will sit in one for hours at a time and cries mercilessly  when he sees one) All that being said, he thinks that Dave's removable cast is his new "PAPOOSE Bed"....... I opened the cast too look at it and Kujo literally dove into it!!!  I am enclosing a couple photos of him completely content.   He sat in that thing for nearly an hour!!!!!!  Now he was strapped in but it was evident by his facial expressions and ears that he did NOT want to be taken out........ What a funny lil guy...

Without further adoo, I should probably get around to mentioning "the card"......  From the looks of things, I have moved past creating the little 3x3 cards and have decided to stick with snowflakes, with a few interruptions here and there, which I will share SOON!!  This new set of stamps, 2008 holiday tags by PaperTrey Ink, is quickly becoming one of my all time favorites. I suppose I will have to set them aside after the holidays.  Now it just wouldn't be a card by Justine without ribbon and polka dots, now would it????

As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by
stamps: santa baby (basic grey), 2008 holiday tags (Papertrey Ink)
cardstock: kraft (PaperTrey Ink), very vanilla, chocolate chip (Stampin' Up!)
ink: dark chocolate (PaperTrey Ink.)
ribbon(PaperTrey Ink)
tools: sewing machine, marvy uchida blue and pink scallop circle punches, 3/8" circle punch (Stampin' Up!)
misc: button, rhinestones, linen thread (Stampin' Up!), 


Niki Estes said...

Sorry to hear about your husband, Justine! Glad he wasn't hurt any worse. I love your card! The colors are great and I love the stitching. Your puppy looks too cute! lol

Laura said...

I know it's not funny, but the way you tell the story is!!! I am glad your dh is okay:) Love the card!

Golden said...

I am sorry to hear of your husbands accident. I will pray for a speedy recovery.
I can't thank you enough for the vivid detail of the crash.
I was reading this as I was drinking coffee....big mistake.
Your dog is so CUTE!