Sunday, October 26, 2008


CIAO is somewhat similar to Aloha. It can mean either hello or goodbye, however it is the informal or personal way of greeting someone that you already know. A new acquaintance would be greeted with Salve. Thank Goodness they don't go around doing that long drawn out thing, you know the AAA-LLLLL-OOOOOOO-H-A for the tourists in Hawaii. (=o), evil laugh cause you know what I'm talking about if you have ever been there or been to a luau)

Ciao could be a a little appropriate today since I have been a little distant this week (bad blogger).. I think I might be just a little wigged out about my FIRST WORKSHOP, which happens to be this morning. Speaking of this morning, am I the only person on earth whom can never remember to FALL back?? I never get that extra hour of sleep...... I stayed up well past 1am making sure that everything was ready for tomorrow and then planned on sleeping in until 8am. I am so thankful that my computer automatically re-sets itself otherwise, I would have been an hour early . Very thankful for those small blessings. I knew I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep so yeah I have time to share a card..

I stamped the brown and yellow CS with matching inks and adhered them at odd angles so as to not cover all of the stamping. Prior to adhering the chipboard letters, I always use a marker to ink the edges. That may just be one of my little trademarks, I tend to ink the edges of everything ;o). If you look closely at my cards you will probably notice this. The flower brad that I set in the center of the Prima flowers is from SU but I sanded down the shininess and then inked it too. Gave it more of a distressed look. Perhaps you can click on the photo to get a better look.

Not sure where on earth that extra hour just went but it is now time to get ready. Can't wait to share the details of my workshop with you. I will be distributing a newsletter that I created for a "Stampin' The Month Club". MOre details to follow so stay tuned...................

.....................Recipe will be added later this evening.....................

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Laura (scrapnextras) said...

Love it and funky great for guy or girl!