Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sea Glass Palm Tree

Just got home from the annual Khaki Ball so I am TIRED.  (it is a big gala that is held each year after then new Navy Chiefs have completed the 6 or 8 week long process of being taught how be real Chief's and not just an E7.  Very important because everyone know that Navy Chief's run the Navy.......! 
I really wish that I had a better photo of this card.  I am a die hard sea glass collector.  When we first moved back here and were waiting on all of our household goods to make it from Hawaii, I was dying to make cards but had only the supplies that I had purchased as we passed through the mainland United States, Which wasn't much. I didn't even have adhesive so I purchased double sided scotch tape and glue.  Amazing how creative you can get when you have no supplies.

Obviously it isn't the most beautiful card but I thought I would share one way of looking outside of the box.  I am all the time finding or thinking of things to alter or use as embellishments.  Wait until I upload the photos from this evening and you see the top that I wore. I remember saying to my husband that I couldn't wait to cut it up and use all the bling for cards. You'll get a kick out that comment when you see the photos.

Sorry nothing to wow myself or you with this evening. Hopefully I can make up for it tomorrow when I get time to upload lots of photos that I took this week. Enjoy your Saturday and thanks for stopping by.

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Laura (scrapnextras) said...

Justine, I love it! Fabulous; it's souveneir treasure! I love that creativity and the urge to create just can't be stifled and the result is fabulous! This is a keeper!