Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Non-Traditional Christmas Colors

OK so now that I am no longer working, what on earth am I going to have to talk about??? How on earth did I ever get anything done? No wonder I was always so darn tired and cranky.  There might actually be enough time in the day after all!!!  Now that I feel as though my house is clean, my creative juices are a flowin.  I absolutely love to cruise around and check out everyone elses blogs.  From these other blogs I find so much of my inspiration.  This particular card was not inspired by anyone else but I was reminded of it after viewing a pink and brown Christmas card.  After all, who says that Christmas has to be red and green?  I am really feelin this Hot Pink.  

Anyone who has ever been to our house during the holidays knows that I get way into my decorating.  Anyone familiar with the movie "Elf"?? (just so happens to be my favorite)  The scene where he transforms the toy area into a winter wonderland is how I want my house to look.  That is my dream! To have my house look like something out of a magazine or department store.  By the way, I have 5 Christmas trees ;o)  Wonder where I could find the space to add a pink and silver one??????

See that little pink dot inside the "star"? Just another of my many uses for SCRAPS. Of course I added a some glitter and bling to give it a little SPARKLE. Did ya notice that there is NO ribbon???  Maybe the glitter takes the place of ribbon?  Lately I have been forcing myself to throw away those little scraps but this reminds me of exactly why I SAVE them.  Today I created 3 more of the Sesame Street cards and for those cards I use so so so many small pieces of scraps. A  black  1" x 1" square can easily become 8 eyeballs!!!  Does anyone else out there do that? I mean save tiny pieces of cardstock?  Or is it just a me thing?  Sometimes I wonder if it stems from the fear of not being able to replace some of my stash..... If there is anyone out there in cyber space, let me hear about some of the ways that you use scraps. I need to know that "I am not alone"...........

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Andrea Clayton said...

Me, Me! I'm becoming overrun by scraps. I actually forced myself the other day to throw some out. Then I had guilt of course!