Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Altered gifts

I have been so unbelievably tired lately. Not sure why. Night before last I was in bed, asleep by 7:45!!!!!  Having my husband home is sure helping out in the mornings though.  Which is why I am actually writing this blog BEFORE work! (Lucky for you, I won't be able to be long winded) I am so grateful for the times that he gets to be here with us.  He won't be deploying until the beginning of next summer, however, I know of 3 different trips that he will have to go on.  Although they are a month or two here and there, they certainly add up.  When we lived here in Sicily from 1999-2004, those little trips, along with the deployments added up to a total of 986 days ;(

The "Treasure Box" that I made contained his "Over the Hill Survival Pack" consisting of the following: A BALLSIERE, MEMORY MINTS, A 1968 CD, and GRECIAN HAIR FORMULA.  I have no clue where I came up with the Ballsiere but do read the tag that I created. Is it not the funniest??  Pretty sure you can't see all of the details but I purchased a pair of ladies knee high trouser socks, cut them down, re-sewed the toes, sewed them together on the top, inner side,  and attached the twill tape.  

Memory Mints is an old, altered Altoids box with 4 boxes of Tic Tacs inside.  I used Word Document to create the Tags for the Hearing Aids, Ballsiere, Memory Mints and the Top of the Treasure Box.  The CD was created with Itunes. I downloaded all of the top songs from 1968 and burned them to CD's.  
The blue CD cases were my party favors.  To create Dave's CD case I used the criss cross card technique on the inside.  The stamps were from PTI.  
All of the gag gifts came to me pretty easy. Trying to figure out what to get his for a real gift was much more difficult.  I decided to get him something that I knew he may want, but would never purchase for himself. The BOSE ear phones for his Ipod!!!!!!!!!!  Creating the "Hearing Aids" tag was a complete after thought and an a jab at the same time.  I am constantly repeating things to him and he is constantly  making excuses as to why he doesn't hear.  (head was turned away, distracted, interference etc.......) SOOOOOOO I tell him all the time that he needs hearing aids.  I even go into great details to explain to him that they now make them so that they are discreet and he could even turn them off when he doesn't want to listen to someone!!!!! LOL....... The best best part, is that he had to study them to make sure that I hadn't really purchased a set of Real Hearing Aids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So my not so long winded blog has become somewhat long winded.  I'll be back tomorrow to tell you about my last day of work (so it may be a day or so but you're used to that right?)

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