Monday, September 8, 2008

40's not OLD

The surprise party was a huge success!  He had NO clue what I had up my sleeve.  David actually thought that we were meeting our friend, Franko and his family to go out to dinner.  When we arrived at the restaurant, all of our friends were dressed in all black, lined up in a row and shouted SURPRISE!!!!!!!!! When we walked in.  I haven't had time to load any of the photos up yet.  

I did manage to snap a few shots of the special card that I made for David.  Is it perfect or what??  The inside reads "40 isn't OLD,  If your a TREE!!!   I actually had to look up quotes for 40th birthday's and when I saw this one about trees, I remembered that I had a SU set of tree stamps. I think they are called "A tree for all seasons". I used watercolor pencils and the watercolor crayons to color but I did not add water.  I was very pleased with how it turned out. I think it looks like the tree from Winnie the Pooh!!  Since I didn't have to mail the card, I figured I could get a bit more creative with the envelope than usual.  Truth be known,  I recycled the envelope.  Last year when I was teaching myself how to print envelope for graduation announcements, I went through quit a few in the learning process.  They were still perfectly good envelopes and I just knew I would find a use for them eventually..............

I am so excited.  I received a phone call yesterday from a lady who had heard about my cards and wanted to drop by and pick out a few.  I sold three to her.  Another person at work stopped me and asked that I put together 12 cards, each one different so that he can send them to his mother. Let's hope that this keeps up so that I will be able to keep myself in supplies.  As of this coming Friday, I will be unemployed ;o)  Therefore, I will be able to create all day while the Family is away.  

So check back with me tomorrow and as always, thank you for stopping by,
paper: wild wasabi, very vanilla, chocolate chip(SU), patterened paper stack(SEI)
ink: chocolate chip, wild wasabi(SU) colored pencils (prism) wonder crayons(SU)
ribbon: chocolate chip cross grain (SU)
various buttons but the small ones are SU

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