Monday, August 25, 2008

Students at Work

Did ya miss me??? Funny how quickly time can get away from us. This time it actually didn't get away from me. OK Saturday it did and I had nothing to post and I honestly cannot remember what I did that day!!!  I know that after work on Friday I crashed hard.  After sleeping for several hours on the couch, I still managed to sleep until 10 a.m. (Neither of which are something I do often). Guess I needed it.  Again I'll say it "I was not cut out to be a workin girl"......

Sunday I accomplished so much, laundry, cleaning, made this cute little clipboard AND managed to SALE our Alpha Romeo!!!!!!!!!  I even got my asking price!! I needed to drive it into base and man o man, I had forgotten how fast and fun that little baby is. I couldn't remember why I was selling it in the first place and even toyed around with calling the people and backing out ;O)  So I didn't actually call them but I definitely  thought it.  With Emily having classes and work on base every day, she needs something a little less FAST!!!  I'm sure when I tell her that she needs to help out with buying the fuel coupons, she will want a much smaller engine.  So now begins the search for something, safe, small and reliable..

I don't necessarily have a card to share today but I created this fun little clipboard for my son's teacher.  He will have the same teacher as last year and she had asked me to create something that might keep visitors from knocking on the door and disrupting the learning.  I hope this works!!!  Took me some time to actually think of a polite way of saying "If you MUST enter during class then please do so with as little disruption as possible"..........  My favorite part is the little clipboard that appears to be holding notes or classwork. LOVE IT.  It was just the SU shimmer bronze card stock and I rounded the corners with the corner rounder punch.  The SU punch gives a much smaller rounded corner than the green one that I often use. It might be by Marvy Uchida.  The metal clip was created using silver shimmer card stock, a Tab punch and the smallest circle punch all of which are SU.  

I will post the recipe for this project later but for times sake I wanted to get something posted. Tonight I spent my evening preparing for tomorrow so hopefully tomorrow evening I will be getting back into a routine and have time to go into my "workshop" and create something.  Until then remember to tiptoe through the classroom ;o)

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