Thursday, August 7, 2008


HMMMMM Where should I start???  My STORE (Etsy) is OPEn for BUSsiNeSS!!!!! You will find the link in the top right hand corner of this web page..... You've probably already been there and wondered," hmmmmm, ok Justine why did you put this link here when there is nothing here?" Am I right?

Well I'll tell ya. Cause I had no clue what to price my cards or what to charge for shipping!!  I finally took the time to research those two things and soooo far, I have 7 cards listed. Not many but it is a start. To be honest, when I was going through the stacks and stacks of cards, I kept saying, "O I can't list that, it is tooooo beautiful, O that one took so much time, How can I put a price on that"  or the best one "Oh I created that one for __________!" So out of a gillion cards, that is why I have listed 7....  However, you should keep checking it because I really need to move these out, they are taking over!!

I do need your help!!!!!  If you have been priviledged enough to actually see my cards in person then you will know the attention to detail and the quality.  I need to know, HONESTLY, if I have priced them too high????????  As far as the shipping, I plan on placing the cards into clear boxes so that they will not be damaged in shipping which is why that may appear elevated.  Anyone with an FPO/APO address will not pay shipping!!!!!!!

I also added some links down at the bottom of this page to the area titled "Blogs that Inspire Me"...... Check them out too!!!!!!      Ciao Ciao 4 Now

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