Sunday, August 31, 2008

Checking In

This has been one of those transitional type weeks for me.  Apparently I am not very good with transitioning.  Transition is one of those terms that we use in the world of special education and probably in the world of children in general.  So I don't transition into new routines very well then add in that Administration has done a doozy within my entire department.  I was asked to begin working during my lunch hour in order to meet some social/peer interaction needs.  After a quick phone call to our district office, I discovered that my hours had been increased from 65 hours per pay period to 70........ I was not aware of this change nor did I agree to this change.  Obviously I cannot go into more specific details, but I will tell you that the letter of termination is sitting in the top drawer of my desk ;o(   Although I entertain the idea of quitting within myself, my husband has asked me to please please quit.  He isn't even here but can definitely see that the stress is having a negative impact on me.  The needs of my own children must obviously be put above the needs of the children I service at school............ I certainly hope that this weight will be lifted once I have handed that letter over.  As of right now, I am physically sick and deeply depressed. 

I have not even opened the doors to my "workshop" this week, therefore I apologize if I have already shared these cards with you previously.  This is another SU set that has been retired. My desire is to get in and create some wonderful cards and maybe another clipboard.  

Thank you for continuing to check my blog even though I can't seem to post on a consistent basis. 

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