Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wine Journal (2nd post today)

I am going to be so disappointed if I cannot upload the photos for this post!!!!! :o(  I have made numerous attempts to upload the photos to the Simple card.....

I have heard of people using Wine Journals but have never actually seen one.  Supposedly they are used to log what wines they have tasted, when, whom they were with and record their thoughts, likes/dislikes and perhaps some of the flavors associated with the particular wine (i.e.: oak, tannins, cherry, etc.).  I plan on steaming off the labels to give me a visual (I am notorious for picking wines based on their label) yeah probably not a true wine connoisseur.  "Wine Time" is my favorite time of the day and I do have my favorites but making a  selection can be difficult. Living in the land of Vino, can you  just imagine how overwhelming it is to stand their with all of those labels. So many wines, so little time!!!!!!!   I hate when I open a bottle and remember that I didn't like it.  I have even started writing the prices on the back label. Wanna talk about frustrating???  When we returned to Hawaii, we imported over 300 bottles.  Every once in a while I would open an amazing bottle and want to purchase another.  The frustrating part was finding out that it was a very expensive bottle. You tend to enjoy those a little differently. Dude, I darn sure don't want to share them, so it is nice knowing what I paid.  I am also learning that the values of some wines can go WAY up.  My good friend Tony, at work, is great to include me when he finds a great deal on a wine that he knows will go up in price.  Now I am not sure how or when I will be able to drink a wine that I know has gone up well into the triple digits.  These are much like my signed bottles. I hate drinking those!

As you can see, I NEEDED a "Wine Journal"...............  On the inside covers, I made little pockets to keep literature or vineyard brochures.  I created tabs and broke my book into sections. So far I have "Red Wines and White Wines".  Within those sections, I made smaller tabs for specific wine categories (Chianti, chardonnay, Merlot, etc.)  Not sure why but I also made a book mark, perhaps because it was a cute idea swimming around in my head??  

I will show you some updated photos after I have had some time to journal some of my wines.  Until then thanks for stopping by and I totally expect that I will be hearing from a few of you to order your very own ;0)
All of the supplies used are Simply Stampin  ( Family ) by Stampin Up except
the stars, they are My Minds Eye.

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