Saturday, July 26, 2008


I know what your thinking!  Here she goes again, not writing any blog messages and leaving us in hangin!!!!! mmmmmhhhhhhhhmmmmm  I am trying not to, admit it, I am getting better!!!!! Right?

The card that I created while waiting for Emily to arrive is going to be submitted to Cards magazine and the card from yesterday I am not completely satisfied with.  Emily says that she likes it but, I dunno, something about it isn't right.  Therefore, I remembered that I had made up these little drawer sachets and had not shared them.........

The photos do NOT do them Justice at all.  They started from a scrap (of course) piece of fabric.  First I cut them out then I stamped them using a combination of stamps.  I love the larger monogrammed  one but unfortunately that big E is the only letter that I have in that set.  It was the perfect combination for Emily's initials. BTW, I cannot remember the etiquette for monogramming.  Aren't the letters out of order? Which letter is supposed to be in the middle? Isn't it the initial for the First name? So basically they are out of order?  HMMMM I never have understood that.  So with the EEF initials there was no confusion!!!! I am sure one of you will enlighten my ignorance ;o)

Alright I got the 1st one stamped. Next I ironed it to set the ink. Third, I hand stitched the beads on randomly.  Fourth, I stitched the raw edges and the sides. Fifth filled it up with potpourri and tied it up with a ribbon.  They were so easy and I had so much nervous energy while waiting that I created the other two.  I do not care for the green one but it just lets me know that I need to order a pretty set of letters OR that fabulous "Just Right Monogramm Stamper" OOOOOO La La...

Thanks for stopping by, I am headed to the beach!

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