Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blessed Baby Bundle

Emily is finally HERE!!!!!  That PoOR kid had the trip from hell.  After leaving OH, she arrived in NY and nearly missed her flight there.  When she finally got to her plane, JFK was having LONG delays in departures. She called me, completely frustrated, after she had been sitting inside the airplane, on the tarmac, for over 2 1/2 hours!!!!!!!!!  O wouldn't you know that this caused her to miss her connecting flights in Rome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was a bit freaked out over this since I would have no way of finding out what flight or what airline she would be coming in on.  She had already had tickets issued from one AirOne to Alitalia the first time she was delayed.........  She had called me from JFK at 2 am and I never did go back to sleep.  I spent my night watching her flight status.  Basically we just figured that once she arrived in Rome that she would need about 2 hours to straighten everything out.  Looking at the flight schedules from Rome to Catania was the only thing that I could do.  Wouldn't you know that she couldn't just arrive in Rome, have new tickets issued and be on her MERRY way....... OOOOOOO NOOOOOOO!  After having flown from Hawaii to Atlanta, Atlanta to Tulsa, Tulsa to Ohio, Ohio to New York, New York to Rome with her long board right beside her on all of those flights, ROME wouldn't allow her to fly with her board.  OOOOO this only caused her to MIIIIIIISSSSSSS her flight. LMAO (sorta)  Dave and I arrived at the airport around 4ish, not knowing if she was there and if she was,  how long she had been waiting.......  Panick stricken over not finding her at first, I turn around and she and I are looking straight into each others face with only about 4 feet between us!!!!!!!!!!!  The story ends happily.   MY LITTLE GIRL is home and sleeping safe and sound in her own bed...................

I knew ya'll would want that lil update

OK so check this card out!!!  Is it not the yummiest?  Again I used scraps and die cuts from Jana. Speaking of scraps, check out the dots on the star and the framed sentiment!!!!!!!!!  No piece is too small ;o)  The star was cut using my Cricut.  I don't think that ya'll want or need a step by step, so until tomorrow, Toodles

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Andrea Clayton said...

Your poor daughter. . .that really is the trip from Hell. She'll probably never want to fly overseas again. I don't know what I would have done if I was you or her.