Sunday, July 13, 2008

Popsicles Anyone?

I'm Baaaaaaaack, AGAIN!!  Our Resort vacation was so amazing. I didn't know that I even knew how to relax. Although we didn't travel far, we enjoyed just being together.  David created a very elegant slide show and I am hoping to figure out how to load it into my blog. If I can't do that, I am planning on changing out my card slides on a regular basis in order to keep things interesting.  

Still on a Tart and Tangy kick. What a versatile and fun stamp set. I have so many ideas running through my head and I can't get them all out quick enough.  The popsicle idea was not totally mine, I cased it from a fellow blogger. ( The concept of creating a SET of CITRUS popsicle cards was all ME.  

I created the entire set in less than 30 minutes. Obviously they aren't super complicated! My biggest challenge has been the popsicle sticks. At this point I am using all of the sticks that come with my rub-ons.  I thought I had created the best job in the world for Adam and one of his buddies.  I asked them to run to the store and buy me a box of popsicles and they could eat them!! ;o)  The only catch was that I wanted the popsicle sticks. Simple enough. They don't like popsicles!!!!!!!! Little freaks  

Until tomorrow, CIAO CIAO


Jessica said...

Found you via another blog. Those are awesome! You are very talented and I am impressed. I try hard to scrapbook, but I'm not nearly as creative.

Golden said...

How funny, boys who don't like popsicles. True sign they are getting older. The popsicles are really neat. I can see fruit slices, maybe even cake slices for invitations. You just keep the creations flowing. lol (flowing, how neat would blue wave cards be for a summer b-day...)