Monday, July 7, 2008

Tart & Tangy Boxed Set

Finally right???  These were so much fun to make and I will be making more. I have actually already made two sets...  David commented that he had never known me to create two sets exactly alike!!  Alright the truth be known, I had to make a second set because the box was too small for the first set.  I had purchased some Wild Wasabi textured cardstock from SU that was already cut and scored :o) YAHOOOOOOOO - NOT........ Soooooooo I finished the 2nd set only to discover that yes the cards fit into the box but they are too big for a standard envelope!!!!!!!!!! NOOO I did not discover this little error until AFTER I had created the matching envelopes. Now I know why they were selling those darn pre-cut, pre-scored cards...... Making custom envelopes is not one of my favorite things to do. Obviously I am going to have to in order to be able to use the cards. Does anyone ever actually USE the cards that I create????  Remember the card that I made for David and then forgot to take to him? Well I did mail it after returning home, however, he still has it.... He never used it!!!  Someone else made that comment to me recently, that they can't bring themselves to send the cards out.  Glad to know it is not just a ME thing....... I have only ever used the card sets that my BFF created for my immediate family. That way I get them back! LOLLOLOL

OK back to these cards. I betcha I will make the envelopes only to discover that they are too big for the box. All in all, I think I will end up with 3 complete sets :o) That will be a good thing, but I have yet to take myself up to work on the dreaded envelopes.

Hope this tides ya'll over for a few days. I will be out of touch until Saturday (I know I know what else is new).  We are headed to a resort/spa in Taormina until Friday. The name of the place is Capo Dei Greci Hotel Resort & Spa.  We will be staying in the Junior Suite which has a loft. I am so excited. Taormina is one of my favorite areas of the island............ Better go hang my resort wear out to dry!!!!!!!!
Hugs to all,

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