Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shoe Diva w/ bookmark

I am supposed to be sitting here enjoying having my little girl home!!!!! Her flight leaving OK was delayed which caused her to miss her connecting flight to Rome.  Delta was very good to her. They put her in the Sheraton, gave her 3 meal tickets and booked her on a flight for sometime this evening.  She should be arriving here more than 24 hours first expected (Tomorrow evening).  In the meantime, I am sitting here with a sick little boy.  Adam is running a fever over 101, has a headache and says that he just doesn't feel right.  101 is really high for my kids since their normal temps are around 96-97.  Poor little guy. 

I started my day by creating shelf paper for the antique dresser in Emily's room.  It turned out very cute.  Next I decided that the dresser smelled musty and thus spent the rest of the day creating little sachets!!!!  I will post photos tomorrow but I am super excited with how they turned out.  

Besides using scraps for much of my work, I also love the sales circulars from some of the top department stores.  Macy's being my favorite but I really miss receiving them on a weekly basis.  I received this particular one shortly after arriving here in Sicily as a piece of forwarded mail.  I used my cutterpede to scallop the sides and then cut the top and bottom off to shorten it.  Not to throw anything away, I used those pieces to create the awning and the bookmark.  To create the awning, I simply scored it, rounded the bottom corners and adhered it across the top of the "store window".  Not sure if the photo does the 3 dimensional effect well or not but it really sticks out like an awning.  BTW, the store window was a small photo matting that I had been hoarding.    I liked the shoe diva scrap so much that I couldn't just toss it out so it became a book mark that can be used by the recipient. It slides in between the patterned paper and the scalloped sales circular.   I inked the edges (which I do to pretty much everything, gives it a more finished look), mounted it to a coordinating piece of patterned cardstock, inked again, used a glue dot to adhere the flower and set it with a brad.

Sooooooooo Sooooooo Simple but I love it all the same.  However, I do feel guilty when I create something without inking up one stamp. I guess I make up for it by inking the edges??

Alrighty that's all folks. I have gotta try and get some sleep tonight and pray that Adam doesn't get worse. 

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