Sunday, June 8, 2008


Just a quick post with a very simple card that took maybe five minutes to create. Not exactly my favorite, perhaps because I didn't do any stamping. The color combination reminds me of Tiffany & Co., and who does not LOVE that little blue box with the gorgeous white bow. Honestly doesn't matter what is on the inside, I might just be happy to receive a box. What a wonderful way for someone to say they love me. LOL

I do not think that I need to bore you with the details.  I never did get the opportunity to go back to my closet last night and today has been spent hanging out with our friend Franko.  This man is such a great friend. This morning we spent time watching go karts, then he took Adam and I to tour several of the nearby little town.  Eventually we ended at a fantastic Agritourismo by the name of Casale Belmontino.  An Agritourismo is ordinarily a large working farm that consists of a Bed & Breakfast, horseback riding, swimming pools, archery and many other activities.  All of the food is natural (no chemicals), grown right there on the property and yes this includes all of the Vino and Meat. A typical meal consists of a set menu for the day, depending on what is in season. Meals include, Water, Vino, Coke, Anti-pasta (cheese, salami, olives, sun dried tomatoes, cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto, fresh ricotta (I am not talking that grainy stuff that you get in the states - this stuff you eat straight and it is phenomenal) There are a few more things included in the anti-pasta course, next comes the pastas and there are usually 2 or 3 different ones, 3rd is the meat course, normally consisting of 3 different types, 4th is the salad or fruits, 5th is the Dolci or dessert, today we had cannolli.  I cannot begin to express how much I enjoy these meals. I don't eat alot on a daily basis, however, take me to one of these meals and people start looking into my purse to figure out where all the food is going.
I've never been allowed to pay so I have no idea how much a meal like this cost, I just know that I have friends in high places and I never want to leave this place. 

I think I could handle living here forever, vacationing all over Europe with the occasional trip to my wonderful home of Hawaii.  I am feeling beyond blessed to live in such an amazing country, my little boy sitting beside me, my BFF will be here next week, My oldest daughter just completed her degree at University of OK, our middle daughter is returning from University of Hawaii to live at home, My husband will be home from a six month military deployment in less than two weeks.  Life is great and again I feel so content and blessed immensely.  If you are feeling the same way, I would love it if you posted a message and shared your blessings.  Thank you Nicole for such a great blog idea.

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