Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hot Pink Set

I seem to be getting a bit of MOJO back.  That last gift set that I created was a huge hit when I presented it to Meagan.  I love giving gifts and am very excited to be in the throws of creating another Thank You gift set.  

The person I am creating the next set for is a male co-worker.  He is one of the people that actually make my work environment tolerable.  Two things that we have in common would be our love of wine, as well as, our love for Mac computers. He just so happens to be an IT and gave me several very expensive programs that I have wanted but am too cheap (computer illiterate) to go out and purchase them.  This man is a true lover of wine, has 2 wine cellars and a very very expensive palette so I didn't want to go the wine route.  After brainstorming for an appropriate TU gift, I realized that I needed to do what I do best, GIVE FROM MY HEART.........................

The gift is not complete so I hope that you will come back soon to see what I have up my sleeve.  However, I did happen to be playing around with monogrammed card sets and came up with this fun, energetic set.  I didn't have a particular recipient in mind, therefore, I used my last initial for the monogram. Obviously, this set could be done in any color scheme with any initial. Basically what you are looking at is what is called a sketch or design.

Alrighty enough blah blah, I am heading back to the closet to experiment. 

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