Monday, June 30, 2008


I suppose I should start by appologizing to all of my blog friends for being so quiet lately.  The end of the school year has finally come and I can't believe I only worked one quarter of it. How will I ever make it through the an entire school year?  I did have a few days to prepare for my BFF to arrive from Hawaii.  There is so much to do and see here in Sicily that it is hard to fit it all in. Although Sicily has enough to keep us busy for the two weeks, I decided that no one should come to Italy and not visit Rome.... Rather than fly, we decided to try out the European train system. Grandpa Joe had left me a wonderful book titled " Europe by Eurail 2008". By taking the night trains with private sleeping cabins, we were able to save the expense of two nights in a hotel.  It was fabulous to fall asleep comfortably and wake in your destination. 

Apparently Michelle and I are known for getting into trouble and would not want to disappoint anyone.  The principal at Pearl Harbor Kai told Michelle that she would not fly over to Italy to bail us out of jail, therefore, Michelle paid an on the spot fine to keep us from being arrested........  So the lessons we learned - Lesson #1 -  You must purchase a 4 euro ticket in order to ride the public bus system and that the bus polizia do work on Sundays!!!!!!!!! Lesson #2 - Validate your train tickets prior to boarding the train in order to avoid a 50 euro fine......  Lesson #3 - Check to see if your train has been cancelled due to strikes prior to boarding time......  

Many of you know that one of our favorite things to do together is to go to concerts. Imagine how thrilled we were to discover that the band Hinder would be here to give our base a private concert. Phenomenal!!!!!! 

Finally I have saved the best for last... My husband is HOME ;o)  

I had better get back to figuring out what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into today.  I will be back soon and I have not forgotten that I had promised to share the boxed gift set I created for a co-worker, however, I will save that for next time. Until then, enjoy the photos.

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Golden said...

WOW, Beautiful place. Thanks for sharing. You brighten my day.
Keep In Touch.