Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Doodle di do

Time really has not permitted me to really get down to business lately. It is killing me!! I have so many new toys that I need to organize and play with. I need a professional rubber stamp cutter outer!! I really do not like cutting them and mounting them. I  love the special scissors that Stampin Up has specifically for cutting the rubber stamps out but  I actually have a bruise on my finger from doing so much cutting........  I wish I hadn't been so cheap all these years though because the scissors really do make a difference in the ease and precision of your mounting.  

This little card was quit simple, strange and yet I really think it is fun too.  I had seen it in Paper Craft magazine some time back and finally have some flowers to use for the hat head (thank you Linda).  I made a purple one this morning for my Nephew's 18 birthday. I know not exactly boyish but the face was an open mouth suprised look and the quote read "What"? No way I forgot again!  These would be really fun for just about any occassion. All that is needed would be to change the colors and the sentiment according to the event. 

Again I am cutting this short because I am completely beat and I know that I am going to totally stress myself out tomorrow trying to get ready to go to Germany.  So until next time.

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