Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Victorian Angel

Ok here is my new favorite card!!! (for today)  I am actually going to make these for Mother's Day so if anyone would like them please order soon, so I can make sure to have enough supplies.

There are some details that you cannot see in the photos.  First it is actually 3-dimensional/layered.  There are 2 of the postcards, one as a base the second I cut out the Angel using an Xacto knife and then mounted it on foam to raise it.  Around the jagged edges is also a paper peeking through, I believe it is called mulberry paper.  It gives it a look of Angel feathers or caribou feathers

Although my mom passed away many years ago, this card really reminded me of her.  She used to use Antique Victorian cards to make paper crafts that she would frame in shadow boxes.  I think she would have loved to receive this card. 

I am off to go see what other challenges I can find to give me something to focus my creative energies on.

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Anonymous said...

i love this card. i bet it took forever. its great. really really great. i would order one for mothers day, but that would be well..weird to send you a card you made!