Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Criss Cross

First I want to let everyone know that leaving a comment should be much easier now.  I had created my account with settings that was causing some folks problems. Please try now to leave comments so that I know I have been successful in changing the settings ;o) (comments are so much fun for me to read)

I really like these criss-cross cards.  This little vespa girl I used my new blender pens with chalks to achieve the water color look. Does it look any different?  

Sorry so quick, I have to get showered and take Adam to the Dr. He has a follow up and I also need to have his foot x-rayed.  He fell down our stairs in a rush to get out the door yesterday morning. Since there were no bones protruding and no blood, I sent him out.  I took a closer look after school yesterday and his foot is black, blue, purple even on the bottom.  Poor little guy is having a hard time walking.  

Anyhow, try the comments


Anonymous said...

See please here

Justine said...


DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! (where it says " See please here".............!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe it is a VIRUS!!!