Monday, March 3, 2008

Odd color combo

Aloha everyone,

I made a couple more that tie
in with this same theme and I will post them tomorrow. It is after midnight now and I am totally beat. I actually had some energy today and scoured my house prior to allowing myself make cards. Last week I received one of those email forwards that was probably supposed to be a help more than a hinderance. It had to do with something along the lines of stop wasting your time dusting and get out and enjoy life. One of the comments was to "stop cleaning with the mentality that someone might stop over because face it, no one comes over".  Another of the comments was that no one is going to remember whether or not your house was clean. LOL I took it to heart and decided I would create and not do my normal cleaning of the so called imaginary dirt (that is what my children tell me)....... 

By Sunday I had so much dust and felt so completely overwhelmed by how dirty my house had become.  So much for imaginary dirt, you would have to have been blind.  Needless to say, I went on a crazy woman cleaning spree. Yes even under the beds have been cleaned. By the way, Unlike my childhood memories, my children will remember that they were never embarrassed to bring friends over. 

So the house is again clean to my standards and I can once again sit down with complete contentment and CREATE :0)

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krisjudd said...

I sure do wish I was as creative as you. You just have a natural talent creating these! Keep up the great work!