Thursday, March 6, 2008

Boxed set of cards

I am so thrilled with the way my little gift set turned out. I actually exceeded my own expectations and I love the color combination.  I am always looking at the containers that items are packaged in to see how I can "recycle" it.  The outer container for the PTI stamp sets is a perfect example.  The stamps from Papertrey Ink are clear acrylic and enclosed in the packaging is a clear CD jewel container to house them in.  Prior to throwing the outer container away, I realized that they would be perfect to alter and use for card sets...... Again I reached for the new "Just Hatched" stamp set but was blown away when I actually read beyond the just hatched sentiment since my gift contains 6 cards!!!!!!!!!! Is that perfect or what?????  (click on the photos and they will open up super size)

I am dying to enter some of my work for publication but am overwhelmed by all of the information that I need to provide for each entry.  It is hard enough for me to sit down and list the supplies and tools used. Maybe I should save that part for the mornings when the Aderall is working ;o) If any of you fellow bloggers have advice for entering my work please share or leave a comment. I am also perplexed as to what to do about pricing my items, so any comments on that subject would be appreciated as well. 


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Golden said...

OMG, never would I have dreamed of something so creative. Keep up the beautiful work.