Friday, March 7, 2008

Lady Bugs and Cherries

I have been looking forward to this evening for like 2 weeks. I was invited to attend a Stampin Up party!!! It was so nice to have something fun to do and I met alot of really nice ladies. If you gals are reading this, thank you for stopping by and thanks for letting me hang out with you ;o) I always learn something new at these workshops. I had no clue that I could use my 1/8" hole punch to set the small eyelets... Thanks Mary  
Sometimes I get so wrapped up in trying to create very detailed, elaborate cards that I forget sometimes less is more. These two cards were so quick!! The lady bug wings are actually flower petals from the stamp set " Pick a Petal"..  Now that I think about it, I probably should have ordered that set. Besides the versatile possibilities, the polka dot petal is just to die for!.  However, I ended up ordering the "Voila" set. I just love that little fat chef! I think he is French and not Italian though. It comes with a "Bon Appetit!" stamp, if it were Italian it would be spelled "Buon Appetito!"  Hmmm, anyone out there know and care to enlighten me??? O dear, is the word Voila french?  Obviously not a language I am familiar with, unlike Italian.  
Don't forget ladies, tomorrow is Feste Della Donne!!! Go out and celebrate!!!

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girl.byerly said...

these are cute! i love you