Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Generic Friend Card 

Doesn't it sometimes feel as though you have a jillion pre-made cards filed away but never end up having one that isn't specific to a particular occasion??  ie: Birthday, Anniversary, Loss, Valentine, Christmas, etc.  Hoarding these cards has been a bit of an issue for me over the years,  but I have FINALLY started tapping into the vast selection of cards that I have neatly filed away.  Therefore, I think I am going to try and focus on creating more "generic" cards.  We shall see.

The card above was inspired by the following card that I found on Pinterest

I absolutely love her polka dot paper and adore that sweet little heart tag.  I have visited the owner's blog and was very impressed with her work. She has a clean style and I hope she doesn't mind being my inspiration. Here is the link to her blog if you would like to venture over and take a peek for yourself.
 (FYI, it is German and since I can't read German, I have not found a button on her page to translate)


~amy~ said...

awesome inspired card and yes, why is it that I have a gazillion cards in my stash but never thee perfect one when a birthday pops up?

Helen F. said...

Really love your card and the "inspiration" one as well...TFS the link.
PS: I am constantly rushing to get a card made and out the door cause I never ever have the right one either.
AND, God forbid I should copy a design already used before ~ nope, I have to re-invent the wheel again :)

Wendy K. said...

Your cards are beautiful and I have left you an award on my blog at
Wendy K.

Steve Paul said...

You just made them perfect i love the friend cards it would be a option if we use them on Plastic Cards it looks pretty good as well.

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