Saturday, September 19, 2009

What was I thinking?

You ever create one of those cards and then take a look at it later and wonder "What in the world was I thinking"???? I believe this would fit that bill. I like the color combo, I love polka dots, well it's just kind of ugly! Maybe I will start a day where I share those sad cards. Of course what I find insulting to my eyes, someone else may find glorious! Just wait until you see some of the doosies that I have hidden away just waiting to have their day in the spotlight. Perhaps one day, I will disassemble them and re-use the embellishments. I mean really wait until you see the one that I used 9 of my good Prima Daisies & baubles on! Yes 9 and it is UGLY. The best one yet is the Frog card that I created using a heart. So ugly that he will always hold a special place in my card file and in my heart because quit frankly I feel sorry for it. Of course I can feel sorry for it! Remember the name CARDiology: cards from the heart even applies to the "Sad For You" category. Ugly as they are, I still put my heart into them.
Guess What?
I am on Holiday AGAIN!
Adam and I are headed to a Resort (Akiris)
on the mainland of Italy (the horseshoe area between the toe & heel)
I will try to pop in and leave love when I can
I have a few items pre-posted so that ya'll don't forget about me
Don't Forget
to play the "TWISTED THURSDAY"
Sketch Challenge
details below


Stef H said...

this is NOT ugly, tho' i know what you mean. maybe you should do an "ugly card" day or week - one ugly card a day for a week. come on! we can all us a good laugh!

enjoy your vacay!


Cindy Haffner said...

Hee hee I know what you mean too, done that been there. Your card is very pretty!!

Danni said...

I don't think it's ugly! I like it!
Enjoy your vacation!

Erin Smetak said...

Um yeah. I'm not going to lie to you. It's ugly! LOL! What WERE you thinking? It's um....very interesting....! Can't wait to see those other "special" cards! ;)

Hugs girl!

NinaB said...

I've had those days, too, when I can't make the card work. Enjoy your holiday!

Carla said...

First, this card is not ugly! Second, kudos to you for posting one you think is! I do it all the time. I don't expect to be perfect, and don't care if my blog buddies see my disasters! Third, I'm so jealous of all your travel! You lucky duck!!

Golden said...

Ok, don't read my e-mail. I get it now your on Holiday. Have fun. Even when you think something might be ugly, you should post. I do it all the time. lol