Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MFT Idol Contest

My Favorite Things has been hosting a MFT Idol Challenge. The contest has been narrowed down to the Top Ten Finalist and we get to be the Judges by casting our Votes HERE............. Voting will be open for 24 hours and one person will be eliminated from the contest.

Obviously you are going to want to know which project would be worthy of your vote right? View the Top Ten's Week #1 Project Gallery HERE .................

I might be just a bit biased because my great friend, Erin ( STAMPIN'NPA) was selected to be one of the Top Ten Finalists. Here is her amazing card:

It took me awhile to really absorb all the attention to detail that she put into this creation. First off look at how it folds up and yes it folds up to fit into an envelope. Look closely at the top level. That little table top is sticking straight out. She has a side view shot within the gallery where you can see this. I love how meticulously she cut out the balloon strings and the legs on the tables and chairs. I was very impressed to learn that her plant was not a punch. She actually stamped each of those little leaves and cut them out.

They were challenged to create a project titled Celebration. I believe that Erin truly captured the spirit of this challenge. What do you think? I know it would mean a lot to these gals if you would check out their projects, cast A VOTE and maybe even leave them a comment or two.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. Tomorrow is The "Twisted Thursday" Challenge so please stop by to check out all of the details.......

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