Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How lovely are your branches!!!

Whew got a little carried away on this card but I LOVE it... Ever get into one of those brainless tasks that puts you into a trance?? I'm not sure that this photo really does this card justice.

This started out as just a piece of patterned paper that I was cutting an ornament out of. I did cut the ornament out and it is on a separate card altogether. Nonetheless, I sat and cut all of these teeny little pine needles out freeing the entire branch from the paper. The top portion is still in tact. I inked the edges to give some dimension and layered it on top of a coordinating yellow paper. The gifts are various sizes of square and rectangle blocks of patterned paper with ribbon and bows attached. I stamped a little gift tag for one of the gifts peeking out from under the tree.

The top portion of the card is adhered flat but it becomes 3 dimensional as it goes down. I used a piece of scrap foam (the parts that are left over after cutting out rubber stamps) on the underside of that branch to give it some weight but I did not actually adhere it flush against the card. By not attaching it to the card it actually moves giving it a more realistic look.

I used tiny little rhinestones scattered around the tree as well as small lines of fine glitter dust along the centers of the branches.

Well that is all for me today. I am completely beat. I am teaching P.E. This week and it is kicking my but. Ever done Pilate's??? I have now done it twice and it just reminds me of what a weenie I am. I have hurting muscles that I wasn't aware I even had!!!!!!! Owwwwwweeeeeee...... Gotta get my beauty rest. Thanks for stopping in.


Anonymous said...

WOW, cool card! lots of work!

Golden said...

Such wonderful work. I have done this to scrapbook pages and I always enjoy the results, but hate the long cutting time.
I also like the glitter effect, marvelous.

Anonymous said...

Awesome card... so full of fun and interesting textures.

I have never done Pilates but did Bikram (sp?) hot yoga for a few years... Need to get back into that again. Really enjoyed it.