Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fun little 3x3" boxed cards

I am so addicted to making these little boxed sets so I thought I would share another one with you. They really only take a few minutes to make and I have come up with so many different combinations. I keep reaching for the same stamp set (Fun & Fast Notes - SU), but I am trying to think outside the box. I have done a few where I water colored in the little images but I'm not as impressed with my coloring as I would like to be, so not gonna force you to look at those. My next set is going to be a Christmas set. That thought just came to me so good luck trying to make sense out of anything I may say past this point. My head is going crazy with ideas. ARGHHHHH, I want to move past these

Last night my husband and I had a big "Date" and went to dinner with Lamberte Frescobaldi. He is the VP of the world Famous winery/vineyards FRESCOBALDI. His wine is one of the top 5 in the WORLD!!! Dinner was amazing, started of with Anti-pasta, champagne in a wonderful OLD wine cellar. I did not want to leave that room.

Dinner consisted of, I believe, 6 or 7 courses and each was served with a different wine from his reserve. We really enjoyed getting to talk "motorcycles" with him (I know, you would think we would talk VINO, but why? He does that for a living). Anyhow, he rides a Ducati in his free time and also enjoys motocross.
Good thing we know our table manners, take a look at all of those glasses!!! That wasn't even all of them because they wouldn't all fit at our place settings. I'm sure I looked like a total dork taking a photo of the table!!

Senor' Frescobaldi got a kick out of the Hawaiian Shaka, which I am notorious for doing, hey it's better than flashing the bird or the Italian Cornuto (ya gotta research that one on your own) Check him out doing the Shaka!!! Too cute............

I do want to thank My sweet husband for being our designated driver. I believe he ended up with about an hour and a half to sleep before having to leave for the airport at 4am...... I know he has only been home a few weeks but duty calls..... I took the day to rest, relax and soak up a little sun while washing my SUV. I'll be back tomorrow with some fun projects to share. Enjoy your Saturday...........................

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