Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bookmarks for the Fall Festival

I have been in a bit of a creative funk of some sort. I have actually gone into my little "Craft Room" and sat and stared at my supplies not knowing where to begin. When I do start something, I can't seem to get it to come together. Lately my photos are coming out super blurry too. I don't think that I have changed any of the settings on my camera but the projects I have snapped photos of are way to blurry to share.

Right before last weekend's Fall Festival, I threw together some quick bookmarks and you have no idea just how far your scraps will go. To be honest I was trying to use up a stack of scraps that I didn't want to have to file or sort. I seem to be doing the same thing with the little 3x3 cards. I honestly believe that the time I spent challenging and limiting myself to one manufacturer from beginning to end, blocked my creativity. Don't get me wrong, I love all of these companies and there are so many amazing products that limiting myself just isn't my style.

I set up a little area within my our command booth and sold a few of my cards and several of the bookmarks. Not really sure the fall festival or being combined with a food booth was the ideal location for me, therefore, I only went Friday evening. While Dave worked the booth on Saturday, Emily and I headed into Catania for a little Retail "Shoe Therapy". I guess I will have to snap a photo of my new RED boots...... Been on a Red kick this week apparently because I am also waiting on the sexiest little red pair of Betsey Johnson shoes to arrive in the mail....... Who knew I was a shoe diva???

I snapped this photo of Emily when we stopped off at a Pannini (sandwiches) stand to grab our dinner. Isn't the little pannini dude so cute? He is totally posing for us......

That's it for me, thanks for not giving up and continuing to check in on me. With a little luck, I will come up with a WOW project soon......... Ciao Ciao

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