Sunday, August 3, 2008

Very? (boring?)

Happy Sunday..... Didn't post anything yesterday since I was trying to spend every minute I could with David. He left AGAIN this morning....... O what do I have to complain about? He was home a whole month and 4 days!!!  O well :o(

I think that this card kind of reflects my mood.  Kinda depressing huh?  Not much color, no petals on the flowers just blah and that is how I feel...  With the exception of the card base, everything was recycled scraps laying around my table. Getting pretty good about that.  Leave me a comment if any of you have clever ideas on how to store all of those small scraps.  For the larger pieces I sort them on their side by color.  The strips, I place in ziplocks according to width and the small pieces are in a container that sits on top of my table.  It has two drawers and I also store the pieces according to size.  

All of that organization can be so time consuming but if you have seen the photos of my "craft space", you will understand the necessity or be organized.  That's all I have for the moment, check back later and maybe I will get something a bit more "Sunny" uploaded and show you one way to use even the smallest bits of scrap ribbon. BTW, the ribbon on this card was just a tiny scrap too........ Throw nothing away ;o)

Enjoy your Sunday

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