Saturday, August 16, 2008

Christmas bulbs

It's Saturday already? How? Where did my last week of summer break go? Next thing you know, it'll be Christmas!!!!!!!!!  A couple people have mentioned wanting me to create their Christmas cards this year so I thought I had better get a head start.  What do you think? I really like the non-traditional Red and Green.  Holiday stamps needs to be added to my ever growing wish list.  I realized that I seem to lean more towards florals vs. any of the holiday themes.  Speaking of stamps, has anyone gotten a chance to take a peek at the new Stampin Up! catalog??? None of the demonstrators here in Sicily have physical possession of one yet!!! I was finally able to get it to download from the website last night. All I can say is double - WOW WOW :o)    Either I missed the boat or SU does not even allow the demonstrators to see all of the new stamp sets prior to their release. It could be just a me thing!!!!!!!!! Dunno, but man is that list continuing to grow.

Because my wish list is ALWAYS longer than my income could possibly allow, Emily and I had a yard sale this morning!!!!!! This one was pretty easy to handle.  Ordinarily we have HUGE yard sales and only host them when we are transferring.  With Emily moving home, the house just seems to keep shrinking.  I cannot stand to have clutter or not be organized so it was OUt with the old............... I even put out some of my cards!!! I was pretty pleased with the oooo's and aaaaah's that I received and hopefully I get some phone calls from the business cards that I handed out.

Rather than waste the rest of my day, I feel the need to ink something up...........

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Golden said...

Love the concept, simple and sweet. Can't wait to see more.