Sunday, May 11, 2008

Time of my life

I actually designed the graphics on this card while I was up in Germany.  I may not have had my art supplies but I had my computer (where there's a will..........!)  The graphics alone would have probably been enough but I didn't feel like it had any dimension to it.  A card cannot be complete without RIBBON!!.  I ended up having to add the flowers and brads after I had stamped the sentiment inside the cutout.  I dropped the stamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am tellin ya, I have lost my MO JO!!! 

I achieved the scalloped edge using a new paper cutter that I purchased in Germany.  Each blade gives a different type cut.  I thought this would be easier than me taking apart my corner rounder to create the scalloped edge.  So far I have not had much success.  Apparently I just can't cut a straight line!  Can't seem to ever get a straight line using the decorator scissors either. Advice anyone?

Adam and I enjoyed spending the day together but our trip to Cefalu' was nothing to write home about. The lunch was wonderful!!  Well wonderful until I had a reaction to, I believe,  the salsicia (sausage)!!!  It tasted fabulous but all of a sudden I started swelling up like road kill ;o(   The only thing that usually makes me do that is MSG but they swore that there wasn't any besides I didn't have problems breathing or have a migraine.  I can see the bones in my feet again, as well as bend my toes, so I imagine I will survive. 

I will post some photos tomorrow.. I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.

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