Monday, May 19, 2008

3 weeks and I don't even like it

Alrighty then!!!!!!!!!!  Whew, this is the card that I have been working on for approximately 3 weeks. I actually started it as a Mother's Day card for a friend.  Each time I began working on it I just ended up stumped.  The base of the card always stayed the same since I had actually sewn it together.  I like the base but couldn't figure out  how to complete it.  One of the care packages that my husband sent to me contained the punch that I used to create the frilly cream paper in the middle!!  How cute was that!!!!  I can just see him cruising the craft isle and trying to figure out what I would love and what I don't already have.  What an amazing man!!!!

My sister took this photo of me and lo and behold, there is that stupid card in the works.   I am not completely satisfied with it but I put an end to it.  I think I don't like the green..... Dunno., Don't care. 

I have been off work, AGAIN, since Friday.  Today was the first time I took the time to sit down and play around. Perhaps I didn't want to because that card just kept taunting me. As soon as I "completed" it, I was able to start and complete 2 other cards which I will post tomorrow and Wednesday.

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