Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm Home from Germany

I returned home to Sicily after visiting my husband in Germany for a brief 11 days!!!  Adam and I are so thankful that we had this opportunity, regardless of how bittersweet it may have been.  Most military families are not afforded the luxury of seeing their loved ones during a deployment.  Obviously the highlight of my trip was spending time with my husband, however, we did get to do and see some great things. Where do I even begin????

Snowboarding, Lego Land, Mercedes-Benz Museum, Food, Shopping??????? I know you all want to know about my trip to the CRAFT STORE!!!!!!!!!!! I could not believe my luck, the base has a real Craft Store!!  It was so much fun to just browse, see and touch so many things. I miss being able to just pick up those little things like brads or rhinestone stickers. I may be most excited about my new cutter!!  It has inter-changeable cutting/scoring blades. Hopefully this will end my using a corner rounder to create a scalloped edge!! We'll see...

I am so not a cold weather person!! I honestly thought I was going to die of hypo-thermia on our first trip to the ski resort. My husband has found a new hobby, Snow Boarding!! I was super impressed to see how amazing he looked coming down the slopes.  Adam was a natural as well. On our second trip, it snowed all day but I stayed fairly warm by sitting in the car the entire day. Periodically I turned on the engine to maintain a bearable temp. I believe I was wearing 4 or 5 layers along with a coat, 2 hats, 2 pairs of gloves and a down blanket. I ventured out of my den a few times in search of a restroom. I had a great view of my two men snow boarding. It was very exciting to see my son ride the ski lift and come down the mountain. Over 5,000 feet, as he has informed me.... This was also Adam's first time to see snow actually falling and he loved it. Too bad boys, I am still a beach girl. You'll have to save the snow boarding for vacations.

On Saturday, we went to Lego Land!!!!!  Our prayers were answered and the day was sunny and beautiful.  This was the perfect time to visit a theme park.  We were able to ride all of the rides to our hearts content, sometimes we didn't even have to get off of the ride.  I was in complete awe of the things that had been created using Legos!! 

Sicilians eat Italian food, ALWAYS!!  In Catania, you will find a handful of other ethnic foods but most Sicilians don't eat there and they don't make other types of foods either. Therefore, while in Germany, we spent a good amount of time eating. I know, I know, yes I ate too!!!  Rainbow Thai is still amazing! Our favorite donner kebaps establishment in downtown Stuttgart is still there and they still make the best donners that I have ever tasted. True, living in Sicily, I can eat pizza for every meal, however, there is still nothing like a Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust pizza!!  I was very disappointed when I heard that our base in Sicily had changed our Popeyes to a KFC. Adam and I have eaten there once and we both ended up sick before we finished eating. HMMMM. The base my husband is on has a Popeyes and wow was it yummy!!!!!!!!!  Dave surprised me with a Mexican meal on our way home from Lego Land. I think I need to go out for a run.....................................

Enjoy the photos and i will be back shortly with some new eye candy... P.S. that card I was so excited about making for my husband, Yea, well I forgot it!!!!!


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hey mom. sounds like it was a blast. you look really good in all your pictures. much happier than i have analyzed in past pictures. ; ) don't you love what my major has taught me to do?? lol i love you

i do not remember my password, so i have to sign this anonymously.

Dr. Byerly :)

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