Saturday, March 22, 2008

I love this card!!

I think this card is very classy. Reminds me of something I would find at one of those pricey card boutiques....

I did make some other cards but I will save those for days like tomorrow when I may not actually get to sit in my closet.... Speaking of tomorrow, I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter!!!  Although we do love the excitement and cuteness of all the Easter bunny stuff, we are Christian and what a Glorious holiday this is......  You will hear me talk about our military and my pride for our men and women in uniform, as well as the families that keep the home fires burning.  ;o)  But Nothing compares to the sacrifice our Savior Jesus paid!!!!  He gave his life so that we may live eternally.

Adam and I will be going to our friend Aixa's house and celebrating with a great bunch of people. I am thrilled to have plans.  A couple of weeks ago I created some to die for cupcakes complete with an injected cream sauce.  I am going to be making a variation of those.  This time they will be white w/ cream but on top of the frosting I am going to place one of those little chick peeps  sitting in a nest of green coconut. I also have a few little colored flower sprinkles.  I hope they turn out as cute as they are in my head. 

PTI has an amazing new stamp set that I am kicking myself for not purchasing yet. Pace yourself girl!!!  I want it all and I want it now!!!  I was bad this month but hopefully it pays off, if not, I have some great new toys.  

Enjoy the card!

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jana said...

This is my FAVORITE one yet!!! I love it