Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Proud parents of a University of Hawaii Graduate

University of Hawaii
class of
(better late than never, right??)

The card and gift box that I created 
I thought it very clever to have crossed out the "first" on the spine of the box thinking it was actually her LAST day of school.  Silly mom, should have known this girl wouldn't stop with a bachelors.  Her older sister just graduated with her Masters of Social Work.
They totally take after their grandma (my mom)
 and not ME

The gift box started out as a simple, plain piece of green cardstock.  First I stamped the graduation hat then sliced, diced and glued it into a box that opens and closes from the top.  I was so tickled to finally have a very special reason to actually USE the little 3-dimensional cap and gown that I had probably hoarded for years!!!  The little diploma was just a scrap of paper that I tied using embroidery floss.

Loved creating this card with a Gift Card Pocket on the Front by
 sewing a zigzag stitch around the border.

For the Key, I painted it white, inked the edges to give it an antique look then painted it again with glue and sprinkled on a fine white glitter.  
I dyed the seam binding in tea to give it an antique appearance.  
The button is one that I had purchased in Sicily and hoard for "special occasions"

What an absolute TREAT to have your child turn around in front of thousands of people and raise her Diploma in the air as a way of saying 
Thank You Mom & Dad

Walking back to her seat are in arm with one of her best friends
 (Kia London)

I am one very proud Mommy


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