Sunday, November 7, 2010

SEW EASY a kid could do it

This month's ABC Toys & Crafts challenge has been CHANGED up a bit but our theme is

We want to see "stitching" on your projects - Sewing Machines optional, Hand Stitching, Cross Stitching or even FAUX Stitching let's get creative

Moving back to the United States has been so rewarding by allowing me to take a more active part in the lives of my nieces - Alaina and MacKenzie. During a recent Fall Break from school, I was able to keep them for an entire week. One of the days we decided it would be a great idea to mail cards to their mom. Not only was I able to share with them all the fun tools available but it was the perfect opportunity to teach them how to thread a sewing machine and SEW!!!

Here are the girls hard at work creating their cards

ALAINA ((age 9))

MACKENZIE ((age 12))

November's Challenge


Cheryl Walker said...

awww Justine that was super sweet of you hun! And it sounds like they had alot of fun, love the cards they made tooo!!! Awesome job girls!!!!!!

PS I love the buttons youve been using, they are DARLING!!!!!

Pat (mspfd) said...

I bet you had as much fun as your nieces! And such terrific cards... I think they got Aunt Justine's creative gene!

Cindy Haffner said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Justine!! Just wanted to pop in and say hello sweetie!! What an adorable post!! Looks like they had so much fun creating those cards!! They look fabulous!! ;) Maybe I need to break out my machine, huh?!! Good to see you now that I'm back stamping!! HUGS

Cecelia said...

Hello there;0) Looks like they had a blast and the did such a great job with their cards! Their Mom is going to love receiving them;0) Hope all is well;0) Have a great evening.

Cecelia B

NinaB said...

Wow, they're so talented. Their cards look so much better than my first stitched card.

Maria Matter said...

Beautiful cards & nieces!!!
hugs & blessings!

Unknown said...

Look at you...sharing with your nieces and giving them that spark of creativity. They really did an awesome job with their projects. They look very proud of themselves, as they should!