Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TRIUMPHANT over ?????


The above list could go on and on, however out of fear of regression of the depression, I WON'T

I'll just say, I'm sorry and that I have missed being a part of this community and of course all of you folks that I consider to be my friends. Thank you so much for the personal notes to say that you have missed me and letting me know that you were concerned. It felt so good today to actually cruise around looking for challenges, and CREATE............

I created today's card for our military sponsors. Upon arriving here in Florida, we had nothing except what our suitcases contained. Not having lived on the mainland USA since 1992, we were unaware that the military does not give you loaner furniture upon arrival at a new duty station. We had a brand new house here waiting on us, however it was EMPTY!! Without ever having met us, Brett & Vicki opened up their home for a few nights until we could purchase mattresses. They also put together a box of items containing plates, cups, silverware, pots & pans and even WINE GLASSES ;o) Their hospitality allowed us to stay in our new home for over a month until our household goods arrived. I'll admit that having my mattress in the middle of the living room was FUN.

This card was something that I created when I had nothing. I had printed the image prior to leaving Sicily and would you belive that Brett owns a TRIUMPH MOTORCYCLE?

The glow in the dark star was something that I had picked up off of my floor in Sicily when all of my furniture had been packed up. The room that we stayed in over at Brett & Vicki's just happened to have glow in the dark stars above the bed!!! The tag & hemp fiber behind the motorcycle image actually came off of a pair of shorts that I had purchased while traveling. My daughter created the "Thank You" sentiment using the computer.

I was so tickled with how this card turned out and I hope they know how deeply they touched my heart with their hospitality. Perhaps now that the dust and fog have lifted, I will be able to repay them by inviting them over and opening a fantabulous bottle of Wine that we imported from Italy??

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Handmade Creations by Stephanie said...

Yay I was thinking of you the other day and how much I missed you and your blogging happy to hear you are ok!!!!Love the card by the way!!!

Karolyn at Paper Therapy said...

Girl, is it GOOD to see that you're back!! I figured things had to be pretty crazy when I didn't see you post for weeks and weeks. So glad to see that things are getting back to normal for you and that you're starting to create again. I've missed you desperately, especially your wonderful sarcastic humor!! Miss you girl!

Mina said...

I was just wondering where you were yesterday Justine, its so good to see you back, now you can cross at least one thing from your list 'no friends' now surely Brett and Vicki are new friends after opening their home for you...its wonderful to see you creating and how much would my husband Phil love this too...keep your chin up and smile
Mina xxx

Maria Matter said...

oh Justine! HUGS!!!! you were missed lady!

love seeing you post again and this is gorgeous! how cool that your hubby has a Triumph!!!
take care, chin up, everything will get sorted out!
hugs & blessings!

Maria said...

Great card and I think they will greatly appreciate it. Take things one day at a time and it will all sort itself out in no time. Have fun unpacking and settling into your new home. Hugs, Maria

Erin Smetak said...

Hey you!!!! LOVE the card! That is SO awesome! And you can't say that you don't have any friends! What am I? Dogmeat?! ;) Just kidding! I'm so glad to see you posting again! Keep it up girlie!!!!!


Stef H said...

well you have been missed. even if i haven't been here, you've been in my head. fabulous card!

hope all else is well. i miss you. and trust me, someday you WILL have boobs to place on the table - lol!

hugs, smoochies & smiles :)

Pat (mspfd) said...

Spectacular! After everything you have been through, no wonder you had to take some time to recharge. Your mojo is back in high gear and this card couldn't be more perfect!

So glad to see back back to blogging. Missed you my friend!

Jacilynn said...

love all the layers! super cute card.
Hope you are doing great!

Andrea Clayton said...

Glad to see you back in the studio! I didn't know you haven't been stateside since 1992, good grief, no wonder you had some culture shock! I'm about 5-6 hours from you so when I head down to the beach we should hook up sometime :)

Unknown said...

Get your motor running....what a great card. Such a perfect example of what a masculine card should look like! Well done!

Scott said...

Justine - I love visiting you through Cardiology! Thank you for being so supportive of crafters and creators, and VintageImageCraft. We want you back in the saddle and turning out your artwork.

Golden said...

O my coffee tastes so much better today! ;) I have so missed you and your creations. What an awesome come back card.

Meg said...

And she's BACK folks!!!! A Triumphant RETURN!! Love this card... Miss you

Jane Wetzel said...

well well well Justine! You came back with a BLAST! AWESOME card! Love this! It is so very cool and hang in there girl! :) Cant wait to see you back in the groove again- hugs, jane :)