Friday, July 24, 2009


I'm so glad you decided to join me for DAY 3 of the Shriley's 2 Girl's Quirky new Teenager - MAZIE & her Funky, fur baby - McDuff....

WHEW was that a Wild Ride or what. Is she starting to remind you of any of the Wonderful ladies in your lives?? Personally I think she is me but I'm thinking that we can ALL relate to her. How about all of the new sentiments that come with each set or all of that glorious coloring space??

I hear Mazie and McDuff are lounging on the Beach today. Sure hope she finds some seaglass. Shall we thow the top down and put on some SLOW JAMZ as we JIVE on over to these Ladies with Attitudes blogs?


Stef H said...

ok. now i gotta shop!


Kelly said...

Love it!