Monday, June 8, 2009

Recipe Box for my daughter

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I created this recipe box with matching recipe cards for our daughter Kayleigh's 23rd birthday in January.... The thought and the idea were great, finishing the project was not. My goal was to fill it with some of our families favorite recipes, secret recipes that I have created and of course leave room for her to add to it throughout the years.......... WELL, pretty sure I won bad mommy of the year because once I got to the actual writing, I lost interest. You see, I absolutely hate to write out recipes, which is probably why I have "SECRET" recipes. I don't write them down, I have just made them up as I go along without actually measuring the ingredients. This being the case, I decided that it would be nice to have her observe while I prepared the dishes, then she could write them out in her own words. That didn't work either!!! She ended up wowing me with her new found culinary talents...... She is a vegetarian and wanted to show me how creative she has become in preparing tasty, low cost meals. I was the one that was very blessed.
..............Supplies I used...................
Stamps: Paper Trey Ink (recipe box & recipe labels)
Ink: Fresh Snow ink & Dark Chocolate (Paper Trey Ink)
Paper: Basic Grey DP, Stampin' Up! (chocolate chip, baja breeze), Paper Trey Ink (white cardstock)
Misc: Ribbon (Stampin' Up - baja breeze), Box & Recipe cards (Paper Trey Ink)


Danni said...

What a wonderful project! It looks so nice, so elegant!!

Golden said...

You couldn't have won bad mommy... You spent quality time with your daughter. Love the box! The ribbons and paper are beautiful.
Hope all is well.
Later, Linda

Monica-FC said...

now you both can spend time cooking together. plus fill the box with tasty recipes for the next generation

Shauna K said...

This is wonderful! I love the colour combo and it has such an elegant feel! Just love it! :)

BezVesla said...

What a yummy box! And my favourite color combination! Super!!!

Angie said...

Wow, what a wonderful gift. Even if it didn't end up just as planned, you and your daughter made memories with cooking regardless!

NinaB said...

Wait, you look too young to have a 23-yr-old daughter. What a great idea for a gift. And I cook like you, too. I very rarely follow recipes :-)

Jaspere said...

This is fabulous Justine. I wish my mother would have done that for me. Of course she didn't write anything down either and never got the chance too. I plan on making something similiar for my girls someday. Maybe I should start writing things down *LOL*

Stef H said...

Hey Justine! Nice to see you again. And thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Yep. It's been a while. But sure glad you found me because now I found you again too. I'm following.

Love this box! The colors are fabulous and it's such a great idea. I have a recipe box and I don't even cook. DH does ALL the cooking. I just do ALL the eating! LOL.

Good to see you.


Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

TOTALLY wonderful
i was thinking the other day i should order at PTI!!
fabulous project

Cheryl Walker said...

LOL I do the same thing, I dont write down my

I do love the box, and she will too. what I was going to tell you is that I have a friend who will just print out the recipe, and design up a recipe card, and then attach the recipe. its very cute. So if you have the family recipes written down you could type them up slowly over time, and then give them to her at a later date, im sure she will understand and will just be happy to have received your beautiful gift!!!

good luck with the recipe cards hun!!!:)


Anonymous said...

Nice, beautiful project and colors.

Katie said...

What a great project. I'm going to have to try this.

Kit said...

what a lovely idea.

Brandi said...

This is beautiful! Love the background story too!