Tuesday, November 11, 2008

GOT DIRT ? ? ? ?

So I did actually find the time to do a bit of creating today and I just finished the yummiest little set of 3x3" cards.  I know I am totally on a bitty card kick.  Just having said that, I am wondering if my infatuation with them would have anything to do with Attention Deficit?  HMMMM I may just be on to something here. They are quick and I actually finish one before I loose interest or before my creative mind jumps to another idea.... This would be the Hallelujah moment that I strive for when I am teaching a child something new or in a different way.  When that little light bulb clicks on.................... Yea, who needs a doctor when you've got Dr. J who can diagnosis herself??  

Of course I don't actually have a photo since I am DONE trying to take photos in the house.  Those are always the ones that I cannot get the lighting correct or they come out blurry.  Guess we will just have to wait until there is some daylight out tomorrow.

Until then, I thought you might like to take a peek at my son, Adam.  Last week he came home from being out riding his motorcycle and was so excited to show me how dirty his bike was.  That is a big DEAL for Motocross.  Besides all of the dirt he was thrilled that he had CRASHED good enough to break his hand break.  Dirt and crashes means that he is pushing himself harder in an attempt to ride better and break outside of his comfort zone.  WAY TO GO ADAM!!!!

What gets dirty must also be cleaned, so these photos show him after his day of riding.  I love the one that shows "HIS Idea of Clean" ;o)  I honestly believe that my children cannot see dirt.... and they think that I am the one who is crazy.  

Thanks for stopping by, I'll be back tomorrow with my cute lil "ADHD" cards (giggle to self)

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